7 Tips for When You Become the Boss of Your Friend

7 Tips for When You Become the Boss of Your Friend

There is a difference in being bossy and giving advice. Are you like dominating your friend in everything that she does? That means you have become the boss in this friendship. How would you overcome this situation, well Here are some tips to help you to deal with this.

1. Talk when she comes to you

If your friend confronts you on the issue, then you should realize your mistake. If she tells you that you have become too bossy in friendship, then take that as a good feedback and work on the same. It is important that you accept the situation because if she feels the same then there would be some truth in the matter, so you have to understand.

2. Give her that space

Space is important in any relationship including friendship. Are you giving that space to your friend or are you just dominating? Well, just let her be. Don’t advise her on things that are irrelevant. If she comes to you for advice then you do advise but not otherwise. Space is important, not only for friendship but for every relationship.

3. Compliment your friend

Don’t just give negative feedbacks to your friend, she is your friend not your employee. Give her some real good compliments on things she loves doing. You should motivate your friend in the best possible way. Just thank her for things she does for you because this gesture would make you more special.

4. Listen to her

If you only speak to your friend all the time, then you are being too bossy. Every relationship is two sided in life, even friendship is the same. Don’t just always speak; you need to listen to her as well. She also needs a caring and supportive friend. Just be there for her and listen to her without speaking a word, she would appreciate this a lot.

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