How To Look Like Miley Cyrus?

How To Look Like Miley Cyrus?

Best known for her role as Hannah Montana, Miley is a popular singer, actor and a fashion designer. She looks like a doll whenever she makes her grand entrance in public. Truly, this diva’s dressing sense is worth a thousand compliments. Guess what, you could also be the next Miley Cyrus. I’ll tell you how you can look just like Miley.

1. Wear the right top

Miley wears lots of cardigans. She is also often seen wearing lots of self-colored tank tops with a contrasting-colored inner. She also often wears a lot of hoodies in colors of green, black, gray and red. Two more types of tops that you could try out are graphic printed t-shirts and checked shirts.

2. Team it up with the correct bottom

Miley loves her pair of shorts. She is many-a-time seen wearing a variety of denims shorts in colors of white and blue. She is also seen wearing lots of jeans. Miley’s denims are generally slashed or ripped to create a very rough look. She also owns several sweatpants in different bright colors.

3. Opt for dresses

You can also wear dresses, provided they look like they’re picked straight from Miley’s closet. Miley wears lots of t-shirt dresses and sundresses as casuals. For a special black-tie event, however, Miley is seen in a range of beautiful and attractive dresses. You can search through the Internet for pictures to get a better idea.

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