7 Signs You are Addicted to Whatsapp

7 Signs You are Addicted to Whatsapp

Whatsapp is a great app in your smartphone that enables you to send messages, pictures and even voice messages. The best part about Whatsapp is that it looks through your phone contacts to see who all are using Whatsapp and adds them to your list of friends. Whatsapp also lets you know the last time one of your friends have used the app. The status update feature also helps you figure out if it is the right time to be messaging your friend. Although it does not have video calling facilities, Whatsapp still is popular for its easy and wonderful interface. However, it can also be quite addictive. You can spend te entire day catching up with friends on Whatsapp. Here are some signs that you are addicted to Whatsapp.

1. Checking your Whatsapp messages is the first thing you do in the morning

When the first thing you do in the morning is reach out for your phone to check your Whatsapp messages you know you are in some trouble. If you feel a compulsion to check the message as soon as you wake up and think it cannot wait, then it means that you are addicted to Whatsapp.

2. You sleep with your phone next to your head so you would not miss any Whatsapp messages you have received

You are addicted to Whatsapp when do not mind losing some sleep over Whatsapp messages. You consider it so important to be messaging immediately to all the messages that you do not mind the incessant message tones from your phone.

3. You constantly check your friends’ last online time

You become so obsessive about what your partner or friends are doing that you constantly check their profile and see when they were last online on Whatsapp. You also come to conclusions when they do not reply immediately and think that they are ignoring you. You do not realize that this is also a sort of stalking that can lead you into trouble if you do not put an end to it.

4. You change your status message every single day or once every few hours

You know your friends are going to see your status update in Whatsapp and that is so important to you that you change it every few hours or make it a point to change it every single day. This could only mean that you are addicted to Whatsapp.

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