7 Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep Without Pills

7 Tips for a Good Night's Sleep Without Pills

A good sleep during the night makes us well rested and ready to take on the next day. You sleep badly and it reflects on your work in the morning. You are more irritable, groggy and tired when you haven’t had enough sleep. Some of us don’t get enough sleep for various reasons; it could be a string of nights out, watching late night TV, work or insomnia. While medication is needed for some sleeping disorders, lack of sleep due to other reasons can be tackled without having pills. It is also good for your health as sleeping pills make you dependent on them and there are chances you may get addicted too. There are better natural ways to have a sound sleep during the night.

1. Keep away the stress

Don’t bring stress be it work related or other things to your bed. You can never sleep when you are stressed out. Stressing over matters you have no control over not only makes you sleepless, but can also increase your blood pressure and make you sick. Sleep is a time when you relax and that’s exactly what you need to do.

2. Exercise or go for a run in the night

Have an early dinner and go for a walk or a jog. If you can’t do that, do some small stretching exercises that will tire you out. Have a nice shower after you exercise and you will sleep well.

3. A glass of warm milk

It is something you would have been given as a kid. You are never too old to drink a glass of milk. Milk relaxes you and fills up your stomach helping you sleep well during the night. It also is a rich source of calcium so why think twice about it?

4. Don’t force yourself to sleep

Forcing yourself to sleep never works. Learn to relax and you will eventually nod off without you knowing about it. You can’t will yourself to sleep anytime you want to.

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