5 Ways to Resist Food Cravings

5 Ways to Resist Food Cravings

All of us are likely to have food cravings and become victims to them some time or the other. Whether you want to fight against your gluttony, you are an obsessed foodie or you are simply trying to lose weight, you should be able to resist these cravings as they can get insidious if not controlled. Here are a few ways you can do so.

1. Create a distraction

Food experts are known to claim that food cravings generally last for ten minutes. Once those ten minutes pass, food cravings tend to subside. Create a distraction that will help to take your mind off food for a while. Start listening to music, talk to a friend on the phone, read a book, go watch TV, play with your dog, take a walk or try to take a nap. Do anything which will make you forget about your craving. Take advantage of the fact that food cravings don’t last long.

2. Eat foods with a very different taste

Get over your craving by eating foods that taste very different than the foods you crave for. For example, if you get a chocolate craving, drink a glass full of strong lemonade. If you get a junk food craving, suck candy or eat something with a sweet flavor. And if you can’t figure out which food you should eat to mar your craving, you can stick to a neutral palette. Eat fruits, nuts or food bars to fill yourself up and kill your craving. Eating foods with a contrast taste will put your palette off your craving.

3. Don’t store your favorite foods in the refrigerator

You will easily give in to your food cravings every time if you have access to your favorite foods at an arm’s length. Stop storing all your favorite foods in the fridge so that you can’t satisfy yourself when you have a craving. The fact that you have to make an effort to step out to a shop to get your favorite food will prove to be a powerful deterring factor when you have a food craving the next time around.

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