How to Be More Than Friends With a Guy?

How to Be More Than Friends With a Guy?

Friendship does not take time to culminate into love. Two people who are really close friends more often than not turn into lovers. So if you secretly wish to be more than friends with a guy and see where that heads to, here are a few handy tips that will assist in accomplishing your mission.

1. Confuse him

So you are great buddies with him and often hang out at the sports bar sipping beer, right? And you say you want to be more than friends!! The next time he asks you to accompany him to buy superman DVDs, don’t go! For both men and women, anything that is readily available to them is taken for granted, relationship included. If you are aiming for something more than friendship, try to create occasional and small gaps. That will confuse him and he will start thinking more about you and your behavior. Distance, of course, is a mischievous cupid.

2. Do not date other guys

It only makes sense if you want to be more than friends with this guy, you should not be dating other guys. In case you think you are better dating off other men, let him remain a friend. You clearly do not have feelings for him and making advances on your friend while simultaneously dating other guys will not seem right for him too.

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