5 Foods That Cause Acidity

Allow us to make a big disclaimer before we start doling out knowledge on 5 foods that cause acidity and stomach burns; everyone’s metabolism and tendency to react to foods is different and hence this list may apply to each person differently. What we are trying to say here ladies, is that these are the foods that are commonly known to cause acidity. Some may harm you, some won’t. But, you can always stay alert.

1. Excessive caffeine

5 Foods That Cause Acidity

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A cup of tea or coffee may kickstart your day. But are you used to having several cups a day to keep yourself mentally kicking and alive? Then this is a sure shot way to cause too much of acidity.

2. Too much soda

Too much soda

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This is a no brainer, right? Acidity is caused because your digestive system produces more hydrochloric acid than what is usually required. On top of this, if you’re having more soda, you’re surely heading for trouble. .

3. Spicy and oily foods

We know it’s a shame to avoid those spicy and tangy preparations. But if too much garlic, onion, bell peppers and other spices are causing your acid levels to rise, then you’ll have to cut down on such foods. It’s better to control the pleasures of the tongue to keep the stomach relieved.

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