7 Things To Consider Before A Divorce

7 Things To Consider Before A Divorce

The ‘happily ever after’ story of marriage is truly a myth. The realities of life are such, that life after marriage may start off well but may end up in trouble, which may be far beyond your imagination. Since the decision of separation is going to have a ripple effect on many facets and people in your life, you ought to think over the following factors.

1. Counseling

Most people shy away from divorce counseling because they think that only people with psychiatric problems go to a counselor. Keep an open mind and seek an appointment with a divorce counselor. There is a reason why they are popular. They can give a third person’s opinion in your case, without getting emotional about it and since they are not related to you, you can easily confide into them. You will be surprised to know that sometimes just by communicating in the right way with your partner about your problems and finding optimal solutions can solve things. A counselor will also help you to pick up the pieces of your relationship, once you decide to reunite with your partner.

2. Impact on children

Be a little unselfish and think about the adverse effects your divorce could have on your children. It is a well-known fact that children of a fragmented family grow up with multiple emotional problems, primarily because they can’t comprehend the split between the mother and the father. Do you want a situation when you, as parents, meet your children only on your their open day at school? Think about it.

3. Extreme Stress

Apart from the emotional stress of separation, your mental health will also be affected due to the oncoming litigation, sudden change of lifestyle, answering people around you, moving out of your husband’s house, financial settlements and so on. For all these years, the house that you transformed into a ‘home’ will simply fall apart like a stack of cards. And the period just before your separation will be replete with fights, heated discussions and arguments that will take place in your bedroom. Don’t allow a frantic rush of feelings to cloud your logical thinking about the reasons of your separation.

4. Financial Burden

You may have become frustrated with each other but have you thought about how much it will cost you if you wish to get a divorce? A lawyer’s fee will cost you a fortune. All your savings could be drained off in your alimony, lawyer’s fees, court session payments and the counselor’s invoice. In cases of splitting houses and businesses, you will incur costs for hiring professional advice. Is going through all this really worth it? Howsoever unsolvable your problems may be, separation will take a big toll on your money. Do you really want to go through the rigmarole of freezing credit cards, closing joint accounts, changing addresses and names of billing? Think over it.

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