5 Flowers That Cheer You Up

Almost everyone in the world loves the soft whiff and enchanting colors of flowers. Just as different wines suit different moods and occasions, so do different flowers set the mood for special moments. Here we list a few flowers that are so refreshing and colorful that they completely change your mood and freshen you up.

1. Rose


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This is the most classic flower which has held a special place in the history of mankind and in every lover’s heart! Roses are available in a range of colors, apart from the standard red, such as black, violet, white, pink and exotic pale yellow. Gift yourself a bouquet of roses, one in each color, and see the fragrance of cheerfulness that it sets around you. This magnificent flower is also a symbol of beauty and peace, in addition to love and happiness.

2. Hibiscus


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This is a beautiful flower, also called the shoe flower, which has single and double sets of petals ranging from white, yellow, orange, pink and scarlet. Hibiscus flowers are large trumpet shaped flowers. They don’t just offer lot of joy when looked at, but also ensure that they spread laughter in your house, and beef you up during your blues.

3. Orchid


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If you take a whiff of these bell-like violet orchids, your day will be blessed. They signify luck and elegance and are great for gifting to someone on a happy occasion. Since they are exotic, they also signify wealth. One look at the refreshing orchid “faces”, and your worries will be blown away.

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