6 Signs Your Boyfriend Hates Your Dressing Sense

6 Signs Your Boyfriend Hates Your Dressing Sense

How will you know if your boyfriend does not like your dress but tells you that you look great? Well, this is definitely a tough situation, because he cannot directly tell you that you look bad in a particular dress. So, listed below are signs your boyfriend hates your dressing sense, read on.

1. He compares you with other girls

If your boyfriend compares you with other girls, then he might be talking about your dressing sense. He would mention that a particular girl is looking great in the dress she is wearing. This is an indirect comment on the dress sense from his side. If he compares you with others without giving you a compliment, then he is not happy with your dressing sense.

2. He feels embarrassed

It would be visible from his face, if he feels uncomfortable to walk with you or dine with you. This would be evident from his body language. He would not directly tell you but would make weird excuses in front of you. This is a clear sign that he does not like your dressing sense.

3. He complains about your dressing style

Does he complain about your dressing sense? If he does, then he would mention about the dress. He would tell you that the dress is too old or does not look good on you. He might not directly tell you, but complaining about the dress means he is not too impressed by your dressing sense.

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