9 Easy Ways To De-Stress

9 Easy Ways To De-Stress

Managing a house and excelling at a workplace is surely not a cake walk. We are sure most of you wake up as soon as the alarm calls out to you. In spite of that, you always find yourself only catching up on things till the time you leave for your workplace. Once you enter the ‘big’ door, your universe transforms. It’s a world of hard-to-meet deadlines, bosses both good and bad, colleagues and a drive to be the best. How are you to manage with so many things at one go? Such a situation would put you under stress. After all, a ‘superwoman’ is a fictional character, which has no resemblance with reality. So, how do you take time to resolve the ever-increasing pressure? Do you find yourself incapable at handling things? Do you think you are a loser because you aren’t able to walk the tightrope? Don’t worry, ladies. Here is a set of ideas that can be practiced to relieve yourself from stress. Find below a list of 9 simple ways that will help you de-stress and strike a proper balance, without harming your mind, body and soul.

1. Calm yourself

The first and foremost thing that you must do is to calm yourself. Tell yourself that this is, indeed, a stressful phase. But, it will pass away. Of course, the blissful past of your childhood days won’t come back. But, you definitely have the power to handle stress at an individual level and make it big, without giving into it.

2. Think positive

Thinking in a positive way is one of the most important thing that will take you to a de-stressed life. Until and unless, you tell your mind to stop being anxious, nothing is going to work for you. Tell yourself, “This stressful situation is the perfect time to discover my true potential. I am a winner and will always be.” If you love writing, do write down all the positive ideas that come to your mind. Whenever you come back home after a weary day, you may go through these ideas and feel positive.

3. Be prepared for the worst

Apart from thinking positive, practicing the opposite will also help. That means, you have to prepare yourself for the worst things that might come your way. Always arm yourself with a backup plan. This will work wonders for you; trust me. For example, if you are running late to office, prepare yourself for a frown and some scolding from your boss. Be ready with an answer when you enter the office premises. When you know what’s coming next, you tend to feel less tensed about it.

4. Practice deep breathing exercises

We know you’ve heard of this many a times. But, have you really practiced it when in need? Well, it’s high time you follow this age-old method of de-stressing yourself. Sit in a comfortable position and take a deep breath. Keep it on hold for sometime and then exhale. Do this for about 3-4 times at a go. Each time, increase the amount of time you hold onto your breath. Focus on the breath. Deep breathing techniques help in two ways. Firstly, deep breathing helps you suck in more oxygen and throw out more carbon dioxide. When this oxygen reaches your brain, the brain tends to feel relaxed and works faster. Secondly, during a deep breathing session, you focus on your breath. Consequently, you de-focus from the stressful situation that lies around you. As a result, when you get back to your work, you are refreshed enough to start anew.

5. Meditate

Meditation also helps relax the mind and the body. Meditation is a simple process by which you tend to prioritize yourself and your mind. The more you meditate, the more you feel relaxed. As a result, you develop a zeal to tackle the problems of your life in a better way. A calm mind is always in a much better state to handle situations than a stressed mind.

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