7 Signs You are in a Toxic Relationship

7 Signs You are in a Toxic Relationship

Your relationship could be on its way to becoming toxic without you actually realizing how bad things actually are. Find out some of the signs of a toxic relationship and act before it is too late.

1. Your relationship revolves around your partner’s needs

Is your relationship all about your partner’s wants? Are all the mutual decisions based on your partner’s likes and dislikes? Your relationship is definitely toxic if it revolves entirely around your partner. You should get an equal say in all matters concerning the both of you and if you don’t, something is surely amiss.

2. Your partner openly talks about appreciating other women in a bad way

Loyalty is a founding cornerstone of any relationship and your man is supposed to stay loyal to you in all aspects. Cheating often marks the end of any relationship but the fact that your partner openly talks about appreciating other women in a dirty way is a sign that he is taking loyalty for granted. Make it very clear to your partner that you don’t appreciate his dirty ways.

3. Your presence in the relationship is taken for granted

Does your partner take your presence in the relationship for granted? Does he value the fact that you are always there for him? These are the questions that you must ask yourself to realize if you are being taken for granted or not. Just because you are always there for your partner to support him emotionally, psychologically and in all other ways, does not mean that he should take your presence for granted.

4. Your partner makes you stop meeting your friends

If your partner is controlling your actions including the people you meet and the friends you talk to, it is a sign of a toxic relationship. It is one thing for your partner to suggest to you that one of your friends can be bad company, but it is too dominant of him if he demands that you stop meeting certain people including your friends. Stop this toxic habit of his before it ruins your life.

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