Top 5 Nursery Themes for Kids

Top 5 Nursery Themes for Kids

Decorating a baby room or a nursery is the single most interesting and happy task that most people, especially parents, love to do. But very often, lack of or too much information leaves one confused on where to start or how to progress. Read through the list of top nursery themes and ideas to help you design one with love and excitement.

1. Disney Theme

Disney has introduced several characters that have transcended time. Each are legends in their own right and have been adored by kids from time immemorial and from across the world. This nursery room theme is great for boys and girls. Begin with getting a colorful and dazzling crib bedding set. You can have stickers on walls of fairies of Disneyland, Cars, Nemo, Jungle Book, Toy Story or Micky and Minnie dancing. There are so many accessories to choose from including glow-in-the-dark ceiling stickers of Disney characters, toys and storage racks to fit the theme.

2. Animal Theme

Tigers, monkeys, elephants, giraffes and baby hippos will be the primary inmates of your baby’s nursery. This theme is not just colorful and exciting but educative as well. With lush green forests, animal motifs and associated wall decals, the animal theme is pleasing to the eye. Again, a classic unisex nursery theme, animals spread happiness and vibrancy to its surroundings. You can complete the décor by introducing different stuffed animals in strategic locations.

3. Fairytale Theme

One of the all time favorites for little girls, the interest in fairytales extends beyond the initial years. All girls love to watch fairytales and when they have their room decorated with the same theme, the thrill and happiness multiplies. Rapunzel, Cinderella and Snow White are stories that have a fabulous ending, one that every girl desires. These tales and their various characters narrate a hundred stories every time you see them in your room.

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