10 Disadvantages of a Low Carb Diet

10 Disadvantages of a Low Carb Diet

Low carb diets have garnered popularity in recent times due to their faster weight loss mechanism. Other than quick weight loss, these diets will also help you in maintaining blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels and decrease triglycerides. However, in spite of numerous established short term benefits of a low carb diet, there are certain disadvantages associated with limiting your diet to less carbohydrates. Here’s various health risks associated with low carb diet.

1. Dangerous and unnatural metabolic state

With the intake of low-carb diets, your body utilizes stored fat instead of glucose for energy. This dangerous and unnatural metabolic state attained by your body due to low carb diet intake, is known as ketosis. A dangerous substance called ketones is formed in the body which results in the formation of kidney stones, gout and failure of some of the vital organs in the body including the kidney.

2. Increased cholesterol levels

Low carb diet advocates protein rich foods such as fish, red meat, dairy products, and eggs including other high fat foods. Increased intake of such foods tends to increase cholesterol levels in your body which ultimately increases your risk of developing strokes, heart diseases, cancer and many more ailments such as these.

3. Loss of calcium from the body

People on high protein diet tend to have high calcium levels in their urine. This results in massive loss of calcium from the body over a prolonged period of time thereby making you more susceptible to osteoporosis and kidney stones.

4. Increased risk of constipation

High carb foods such as breads and pastas tend to give your body the required fiber. By cutting the out on high carb foods, you dramatically reduce your fiber intake which leads to increased risk of constipation.

5. The greater risk of dehydration

The production of ketones in the body due to low carb diet intake tends to make your body dehydrated. By exposing you to an increased need for water, a low carb diet renders an increased risk of dehydration. However, drinking at least 2 quarts of water daily can be helpful.

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