7 Signs You are Having an Unhealthy Relationship With Your Parents

Signs You are Having an Unhealthy Relationship With Your Parents

Every child is likely to have arguments, fights and differences in opinion with her parents. But there is a fine line between arguments that are considered normal and those that are unhealthy. Here are a few ways you can know if you are having an unhealthy relationship with your parents by spotting these signs.

1. You call your parents names while fighting with them

You may be fighting with your parents about the things you don’t agree with. But if you fight with the intensity of calling them names and hurling abuses at them, then it could be a sign of an unhealthy relationship. Unless there is a real problem between parents and kids, the unsaid norms of good upbringing and parenthood generally don’t allow the exchange of verbal abuses with each other.

2. You spend several nights out of home

Are you finding the atmosphere in your house intolerable? Do you spend most nights of the month at your friends’ place because you can’t be bothered bickering with your parents? If you have reached this stage in your relationship with your parents, you could be having an unhealthy relationship with them.

3. Most of what you tell your parents is a lie

Healthy relationships are all about telling the truth and being honest, no matter what the repercussions are. You may have said a white lie or two to your parents about insignificant things in the past. But if you find yourself lying to them every other time to get away with something that you don’t want them to know, it can be a sign of having a bad relationship with your parents.

4. You are tolerating your parents only for the allowances they give you

Every kid looks forward to get a monthly allowance. It is a perk which is too precious at that stage of life. But if you share none of your personal life with your parents, don’t talk to them, hurl abuses at them, go against them or don’t help them around the house and still expect them to give you money just because they have to, it may be a sign of a bad relationship.

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