7 Noble Things to do This Holiday Season

Noble Things to do This Holiday Season

Every holiday season we do the same things; pack our bags and go for a vacation, spend our savings on shopping and pamper ourselves, laze around the house gorging on delicacies, chill out with friends on the street or at the movies etc. How about we do something different this season and make it a memorable one for ourselves and a few others who never get a chance to enjoy the simple celebrations.

1. A Sight Tweak

Doing something noble for others does not require you to compromise on your fun. Just a little bit of tweak in your plans and it could be a happy outcome. This season rather than going to the multiplexes for movies, try and screen one for those children who cannot afford the luxury of cinemas. Distribute popcorn and enjoy the movie with them and your friends.

2. Vacation to your home-town

For vacation this season choose your home-town, or the places where your folks and grandparents stay. Very often due to our schedules we are unable to visit them. Not only will you bring a smile on their faces but also get a chance to relive all your childhood memories. You can also cook and dine with them.

3. Dress up as Santa

Don up as Santa Claus and visit an orphanage. Take small and pretty gifts for the young children and see the smile you bring on the faces of those border line kids who have only heard stories of the Santa.

4. Make a strangers family your own

For a few days adapt a less privileged family and make their Christmas a special one. Do few simple things like decorating the Christmas tree, eat dinner with them. Listen to their stories, attend the church service with them, play in the snow with their kids etc. They might not be able to reciprocate the favor, but they will always bless you.

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