5 Things to Expect in Your 50s and 60s

5 Things to Expect in Your 50s and 60s

Everything is now settled in your life! What can you expect after the age of fifty? To start with, this is the most relaxed phase of your life. Welcome the change with a smile on your face. Listed below are some things to expect in your 50s and 60s.

1. Body growth slows down

It is a natural progression, after fifty, the body growth slows down. The estrogen level in the body is zero, so there might be problems related to joints. As the bones get weaker, you might experience joint related pains. After the age of sixty, the cardiovascular strength also slows down. Heart rate also drops. If you have a good diet plan, then you might not experience so many problems in the body. It is all about good food and diet, as diet plays the most imperative role in keeping the body fit.

2. Go for annual checkups

As your body growth slows down, it is important to keep a check on other body functions. Go for regular checkups after the age of fifty five. Heart test, sugar test and bone density tests are must at this stage of life. It is always better to prevent the diseases rather than cure them. Hormonal disturbances in the body can also cause diseases. You have an option of hormone replacement therapy to prevent the problem.

3. Acceptance to age

As you would be much relaxed at this stage of life, acceptance will come natural. You would accept your age and would gracefully live your life. After the age of sixty, you would be very relaxed about your family life. Your children will settle in their respective lives. Your comfort level with your spouse will grow with time. You will non-verbally understand your partner’s gestures at this stage of life. So many years of togetherness will bring you closer to your partner. There will not be any expectations from life.

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