7 Reasons Why Confession Pages on Facebook are Dangerous

7 Reasons Why Confession Pages on Facebook are Dangerous

The hottest trend that has taken the virtual world by a storm is that of the “Confession pages” on Facebook. Innumerable confession pages of institutes such as schools and colleges are being set up everyday on this social networking site. There are some hazards attached to this new trend which you should be aware of as it’s better to be safe than sorry.

1. Someone could expose your identity

Though most of these confession pages operate under the veil of anonymity, if some friend of yours ever happens to recognize you in one of your confessions and reveals your identity, it could create problems for you. You could lose face in front of other people whom you have to see daily and this could drastically affect your social life.

2. Your career could be at stake

Quite a few universities are trying their best to shut down confession pages made by their students as they are harming their reputation. Most employers tend to have a look at the online profile of students before hiring them to have an idea of their personalities. It is very likely that they espy you confessing something of a rebellious nature, cuss words, negative thoughts or putting someone else down. So beware about your future job prospects while confessing on a public page.

3. You could lose friends

Your confessions could hurt someone’s sentiments and this could create a heated war of words between you and your classmates or colleagues. Such petty online fights could affect deep friendships and create groups.

4. The cyber cell could catch you

Many confession pages are being reported and are getting shut daily because of complaints against them regarding the sensitive nature of comments and confessions out there. If you are caught making such inflammable confessions or are the admin of such pages, you could get into deep trouble with the law.

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