10 Ways To Find Out If Your Boyfriend Cares For You

10 Ways To Find Out If Your Boyfriend Cares For You

Generally guys do not have a tendency to be vocal about their feelings towards the love of their life. They usually show their love and care through subtle ways. Enlisted below are 10 such ways how guys usually show they care. Check out if your guy follows any of these ways.

1. He’s there for you

Whenever you need him, if your guy is there for you, it means he really cares for you. He listens to you when you need to talk. He advices you whenever you ask for it. If he tells you that you can always count on him whenever you need his support, you’ve found the right guy, dear friend!

2. He dances with you

Nothing is more romantic for a girl than to dance with the one she loves. Even if he doesn’t know to dance, if he makes an effort to dance with you just to make you feel special, it’s time you notice his care and concern.

3. He surprises you with gifts once in a while

Girls love to be pampered with gifts from their boyfriends. Once in a while, if he gets you something you really want, it means he’s sensitive towards your needs. If he gets you gifts sometimes for no particular reason, it’s like the cherry on the cake.

4. He blindfolds you and takes you for a romantic getaway

We girls find the idea of being temporarily ‘kidnapped’ by their boyfriend very romantic. This gives you an excuse to get away from the world to be just with him. If your guy takes you on top of a lighthouse or blindfolds you and takes you to a place which is specially decorated for you, he really knows what you want.

5. He cooks dinner for you

Has your guy done this any time in the past? He sets a romantic atmosphere around you, plays some soft music and makes use of dim lights to enhance the ambiance. Then he gets all your favorite dishes on the menu and adds lots of dessert, especially chocolate on the platter! If you nodded with a ‘yes’, dear girl your boyfriend is a real sweetheart.

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