6 Tips on How to Avoid Jet Lag

6 Tips on How to Avoid Jet Lag

Jet lag is nothing but a biorhythmic disturbance of your body clock. Our body is used to a certain routine in terms of eating and sleeping, and a disturbance in that routine causes jet lag. When we travel from one time zone to another, this routine gets disturbed and we feel tired and our body takes time in adjusting to the new schedule that our mind wants it to follow. When we travel from one country to another with a great time difference, our physical clock interferes with the mental clock. Here are some tips to avoid jet lag.

1. Plan ahead and take rest before traveling

If this is not an emergency traveling, then plan ahead and see that you have packed your bag well in advance with nothing to worry about in the last two days. See that you have your concerned papers and currency with you at least three days prior traveling. Take enough rest on the last two days, especially if you have to travel for long hours. This will allow you to feel less tired after you arrive at your destination. Not only that, it will allow your body to gain stamina to face any obstacles during your travel.

2. Drink lots of water before and after traveling

When your body is hydrated, it experiences less stress and you will feel less tired. Not only that, your body will be able to adjust easily to the new time zone if you have had enough water. Even during your flight, take in a lot of liquids. Even if you are not able to have a lot of water, then at least carry a lotion or lip balm that keeps your skin hydrated.

3. Eat right

Do not eat heavy meals during your travel time. Opt for fresh fruits if you can. See that you don’t end up having lots of coffee as it may interfere with your sleep patterns. Avoid spicy food so that you don’t suffer from acidity or any other stomach problems. Try and eat at the new time zone hours. This will help you to get adjusted to the new time easily.

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