9 Indian Foods You Must Try Once

9 Indian Foods You Must Try Once

If you are a foodie then India is the place for you to explore. There are a number of regional cuisines that you can try. Indian food is colorful, and you get to experience different aromas and textures. Whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, your taste buds are truly in for a treat. We give you a list of some Indian foods that you must try once.

1. Stuffed Parantha

This is a breakfast favorite for the North Indians. A parantha is a flatbread that can be stuffed with a number of ingredients. You can stuff this flatbread with cauliflower, potato, carrot, daikon, onions, paneer, or even eggs! These stuffed parantha can be served with curd, butter, ghee, and pickle. You can lightly fry the parantha with oil and have a filling breakfast!

2. Masala Dosa

A South Indian favorite, a dosa is a fermented crepe or a pancake which is made from rice batter and lentils. When you fill this dosa with a potato stuffing, it becomes masala dosa. It is a staple dish in a number of South Indian states and has also become a national favorite. Light on stomach, this dish can be served with a number of chutneys and sambhar.

3. Sarson ka Saag

An extremely popular North Indian vegetable dish, Sarson ka Saag is made from mustard leaves and spices. It is a winter dish and is usually served with corn bread or makki di roti. Indians usually eat this delicious dish with a lot of ghee or butter, green chillies, and raw onions.

4. Pork Vindaloo

This curry dish comes from the western coast of India and is a Goan favorite. The dish is pretty spicy so you need to prepare your taste buds for a fiery experience. Pork Vindaloo is hot and tangy and tastes best when it is eaten with boiled rice and a leafy green salad.

5. Bhapa Ilish

This dish is a Bengali favorite and consists of Hilsa, a famous variety of fish. The fish is steamed with a tangy paste of mustard and green chillies. For those who love fish, this dish is a must-try!

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