4 Ways To Tell Your Family You’re Pregnant

4 Ways To Tell Your Family You're Pregnant

The news that you are pregnant may trigger a variety of emotions within you and your partner. Joy mixed with fear and anticipation might probably be the first feelings or reactions that you will experience. Once the initial excitement passes, the next task is to inform your family about the big news.

How soon do you want to tell?

It is necessary that you think this question over and take an appropriate decision. Some couples wait till they cross the first trimester, while others tell as soon as the pregnancy is confirmed. It is up to you. You might want to break the news immediately to your family, while you may choose to wait before telling distant relatives. Once you decide this, you will have several options on how to disclose the news.

1. A hand written letter

It might sound old-fashioned. But, it adds a personal touch. You can probably announce the news this way to just your parents and your partner’s parents since they would be the closest relatives of yours. If they live really far away and you do not see them often, send across a recently taken snap post pregnancy so that they will have the joy of seeing you pregnant.

2. Group conference

If yours is a close knit-large family whose members are dispersed in different locations, you could choose to tell them all at once through a group conference call. This could be quite a funny and memorable experience for all of you.

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