7 Reasons to Quit Facebook

7 Reasons to Quit Facebook

Needless to say, the social networking site Facebook has taken the world by storm with its uber cool features and fanfare. However of late, many psychologists believe that teenagers are getting negatively influenced by this website. Here are 8 good reasons to quit Facebook.

1. Leaving Facebook can ward off feelings of jealousy

You may be the most carefree person in the world, but you can’t escape that pang of jealousy you get on seeing the pictures of your ex partying with her new man. On the other hand, you may be drooling over pictures of a girl you are after; in order words simply wasting your time. All this time can be productively utilized instead, by pursuing a hobby, reading the newspaper or meeting your friends in person.

2. Leaving Facebook can ward off comparisons

Facebook has become the easiest way to generate comparisons between people.
With a horde of flashy pictures and pinpointing statuses, even the most unconcerned person is liable to draw a comparison. Comparing yourself with others is just one step away from falling into the vicious cycle of jealousy, negativity and so on.

3. Leaving Facebook can improve relationships

Gone are the days when you happily ring up a friend and chat for an hour. With Facebook, your lovable and caring instincts are let out in just a couple of taps here and there while chatting. On the other hand, if you quit Facebook, you can enjoy meeting people personally, talking to them on phone and getting things done in a more agreeable and affectionate manner.

4. Leaving Facebook can help you improve your love life

Facebook has become a new way for lovers to vent out their frustrations on each other in front of the whole world. Instead, they can meet personally and talk it out to sort things in the right way. Moreover, it’s like an unwanted broadcast of delicate and personal details which are nothing more than gibberish to the whole world.

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