10 Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving With Your Family

10 Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving With Your Family

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with your family. It is a time to be thankful for all that you have. Everyone has different ways of celebrating Thanksgiving. Some prefer to have a quieter dinner with just their family, some invite other relatives or friends, while some plan to go to someone’s else’s home. These are some innovative ways in which you can celebrate Thanksgiving with your family this year.

1. Watch football on TV

Everyone loves to watch a frenzied football match on Thanksgiving day. So gather your family around, sit on the couch and enjoy a football match on TV. Let everyone roar with joy when a goal is scored and soak in the happy vibes!

2. Organize a football match

Not much interested in passive TV watching? You could head out to your backyard and play a football match with your family instead! If your family and you are not quite passionate about football, you may try your hands at any other outdoor sport like volleyball or something that can be enjoyed by everyone. This is also a great way to make space in everyone’s tummy for the fabulous Thanksgiving dinner ahead.

3. Attend a local Thanksgiving parade

Thanksgiving parades are very famous in the US. If you have a parade nearby, why don’t you and your family go attend that parade? If you don’t have the time to do that, you can as well watch Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade on TV which is broadcasted from New York.

4. Play a gratitude game

Now, this is another fun way to be thankful on Thanksgiving! Let’s provide you with an example. This is called the A-Z gratitude game. Start with the first letter of the alphabet ‘A’ and tell a family member to say one thing/person he/she is grateful for, that starts with A. It can be, “I’m grateful to Anne.” The next person will say, “I’m grateful to my brother Cary.” You get the gist? This game will go on till you reach Z.

5. Plan a gratitude box

You will need to prepare a cardboard or plastic box or re-use an old one. From the 1st of November, tell your family members to write down something that they are grateful for each day and then put it into that box. On Thanksgiving, you can read aloud what everyone’s grateful for. If there are other relatives or friends coming over to your place, you can also include them to write things they are grateful for.

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