8 Fun Things to Do With Christmas Lights

8 Fun Things to Do With Christmas Lights

A lot of people follow the same routine with Christmas lights every single year. They take them out of the boxes, wrap them around the tree or the porch, wait for the week to end and then dutifully pack them again to be used for the next Christmas. The only change those lights would see is when they die out. You do not have to be one of those boring, routine oriented people and can be different this Christmas by trying out new, fun things. There are no set rules as to where and how lights should be put up for Christmas. Bring out your quirky sense of humor by trying something outrageous with your lights this Christmas, so your house will become a tourist attraction in itself.

1. Light up your bathroom

Christmas is not only celebrated in the living room or the front and back porch. You will use the bathroom on Christmas like any other day. Go ahead and add a few colorful lights to the bathroom too. Wrap the lights around the tub or the sink and even the closet.

2. Get a load of them

And you can get them pretty cheap just after Christmas is over. Pack the little lights in funny boxes and you can send them as thank you gifts to whoever had come for your party.

3. Devise a game with the lights

Take a long strand of lights and knot them up real bad. You can invite your neighbors or your friends and make a game out of it. The one who untangles the lights can take it home as their prize.

4. Decorate your friend’s house with blinding lights

If your friends have been gone for a few hours or a few days before Christmas, then you can set about decorating their house with the brightest of lights so they would be dumbfounded when they reach home.

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