5 Beauty Secrets to Learn From Your Grandma

5 Beauty Secrets to Learn From Your Grandma

Have you tried all the possible beauty secrets from magazines? Are you constantly scouring beauty blogs looking for beauty secrets? If yes, and yet you haven’t found the secret to flawless beauty, then maybe it is a good idea to go back to your grandma’s wisdom about beauty and try out some of these traditional beauty remedies.

1. Steam your face regularly

In the olden days when women didn’t go to spas and salons for expensive exfoliating treatments, they steamed their faces to look beautiful. Get a facial steamer like the ones used in salons and steam your face with it. Repeat this for a couple of times during the week. Steaming your face will help you to unclog your pores and cleanse your skin of impurities like dust and residual particles. This will help you to avoid acne or other skin problems that are a result of leftover makeup or other residue buildup from staying outdoors during the day.

2. Oil your hair

An interesting beauty secret from your grandma’s time is to massage and oil your hair. Ask someone to part your hair into different sections and dab oil directly onto your scalp. Massage your hair so that the oil seeps into the roots. While oil will keep your scalp and hair moisturized, massaging will help in increasing blood circulation. If you are not comfortable sporting oily hair at work or outside your house, leave it overnight and wash it off with shampoo and conditioner the next morning.

3. Use cool cucumbers to reduce dark patches under your eyes

There are lots of face packs available in the market, which claim to have the goodness of cucumbers. But they may not be able to match the coolness of the real cucumber. If you have been working too much lately and have noticed dark patches of fatigue under your eyes, use this super beauty trick straight from your grandma’s bag of beauty wisdom. Grab a refrigerated cucumber and cut it into round slices. Close your eyes and place the slices directly on your eyelids. Replace cucumber slices on your eyes to keep the feeling of coolness constant. This will give your tired eyes much relief. Consistent use of this tip may lighten dark patches under your eyes.

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