16 Fun Facts About Christmas You Didn’t Know

Fun Facts About Christmas You Didn't Know

Christmas is here! Hence, everyone is super excited. Christmas has many stories and fun facts related to it. To know about those funny facts, continue reading.

1. On the Christmas day, British kids leave mince pieces for Santa, and American kids leave cookies to thank Santa for the gifts.

2. The traditional Christmas pudding was first made as a soup. Raisins and wine were also used in the soup.

3. Santa’s reindeer had different names- Cupid, Comet, Vixen, Dasher, Rudolph are some of the names. Wonder who names their reindeer.

4. More than 25 percent of people queue up to shop for Christmas goodies and gifts each year. And, more than 30 percent of people make last minute Christmas purchases.

5. Seven out of ten dogs get Christmas gifts from their owners on the Christmas Eve. It is funny, even dogs celebrate the festival with zeal.

6. The traditional Christmas sweet in the U.S., is the Pumpkin cake. In UK, it is the Christmas pudding.

7. In the year 1647, English parliament had passed a law about Christmas. They had made the festival of Christmas illegal.

8. The song ‘Jingle bells’, which is sung all over the world on the Christmas day, was originally written for the Thanksgiving day.

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