7 Kinds of Men You Should Never Date

7 Kinds of Men You Should Never Date

It can be difficult to screen men before you start dating them because you can never tell how they will turn out to be. But there are a few general personality traits in men that you should stay away from. Read on to find out which kinds of men you should never date.

1. A man with an inflated ego

If you come across a man who finds it difficult to say sorry, appears proud and haughty all the time and likes to be pampered to feel good, stay away from him. Chances are that such a man may ruin your relationship later by demanding too much attention and always thinking that whatever he says and does is the right thing.

2. A short tempered man

Short tempers generally never contribute positively to a relationship and this is a commonly known fact. Men are generally known to have shorter tempers than women. But if you come across a man who is particularly hot headed and loses his cool at the slightest of triggers, you should not date him at all. Short tempers can ruin relationships. So stay away from angry men.

3. Momma’s boy

Momma’s boy is a popular phrase which is used to describe a breed of men who are adults but are still attached to their moms like they were in their childhoods. They can’t let go of their mothers and they think that no other woman in the world can surpass anything that their mother did. Why risk your life with a man who will compare your every move, action, thought to his mother? Let a man like this grow up before you date him.

4. A possessive guy

It is good to date a man who looks after you and is concerned about your whereabouts. But if this goes beyond control and he becomes possessive about you, it can spell trouble. If you spot such signs in a guy who you have just begun dating, find excuses to stop dating him. Such possessiveness can turn into obsession in the future and can hurt you physically and emotionally.

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