7 Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

7 Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Homemade Christmas gifts are so much more precious than the regular ones. Want to know why? That’s because they come with the feelings, time and effort of the one who is giving the gift. If you too want to make a special homemade gift for your loved ones, then read on and get to know about the various Christmas gift ideas.

1. Tile coasters

Tile coasters are a cool option to gift someone on Christmas and relatively easy to make! Get a set of 4-inch ceramic tiles and revive the artist in you by painting them in any color, design or pattern you want. You could also decoupage napkins or paper on to the tiles. Stick felt to the back of all the tiles to avoid any scratches. Tie these with a ribbon and place all 4 tiles on top of each other in a box.

2. Olive-wine bottle

Are you about to throw away the empty wine bottle at your house? We suggest don’t do that, as here’s a better option for you. Convert that wine bottle into an oil bottle! All you’ve to do is paint it with non-toxic colors, fill it with olive oil and top it with an oil pour spout. There you are. Now you have a beautiful olive oil bottle to gift someone for Christmas.

3. Vintage cup-in-a-candle

Buy a vintage cup or a really fancy teacup and make a candle in it. For making the candle you’ll need a wick, some melted old candle ends and scented oil. Won’t the candle look classy in a vintage cup?

4. Hollow book

Want to gift an item that will help someone keep their treasures safely? Well, you can do that by gifting them a hollow book. All you need to do is get an old, thick book from the used bookstore, glue all the pages together and cut it out at the center with a sharp knife.

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