13 New Year Resolutions for 2013

13 New Year Resolutions for 2013

2012 bid a good bye and 2013 is already here. There are promises to be fulfilled and resolutions to be made and hopefully not meant to be broken. Here are 13 New Year resolutions to make before you embark upon yet another year.

1. Trying out adventure sports

Are you scared of heights or water? Begin this year with enrolling in adventure sports for para sailing or scuba diving. Go head to head with your phobia.

2. Practice clean and healthy living

If you are a sworn junky, after the 31st booze, resolve to eat healthy and add more fruits, juices and salads to your diet, cutting on those donuts and savory snacks.

3. Become prompt and more efficient at work

This year must begin with a new diary- meticulous note making, organizing and aiming towards meeting deadlines to succeed in your work space. Start with a clean slate!

4. Play a musical instrument

Music is the food for the soul. Learn an instrument- guitar, violin or piano and practice it regularly.

5. Pick up a book every month

Are you not in a habit of reading, and instead only watch TV? Turn a new page with the coming year. Vow to finish a book in a month. Read on the subway or just before bed time. You will love to get wound in new words.

6. Not make fun of people

If you are over critical of people around you, here is your chance to fix things, complain less and reduce teasing.

7. Give up smoking

New Year is the time to begin on a healthy note. Help your body cut down on those cigarettes to live a long healthy life.

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