6 Interesting Facts About Christmas Celebrations at the White House

6 Interesting Facts About Christmas Celebrations at the White House

Christmas is celebrated with much pomp and splendor at the white house every year. But this was not always the case. Depending upon the situation the country was in and the mood of the nation Christmas has been either a private affair or a public affair at the white house. The invention of electricity and the light bulb also played an important role in Christmas celebrations at the White house. What one now knows about the Christmas celebrations is that a massive amount of chocolates is needed every year to cater to the thousands of guests who arrive for the Christmas party and that a limit on the number of sweets is set on the guests. Apparently a guest can have no more than four sweets at the White house party. Here are some more interesting facts about Christmas celebrations at the White house.

1. The first Christmas tree at the White house

The first Christmas tree in the White house went up in 1889. This was for President Benjamin Harrison and his family. The tree was placed in the second floor oval room, which the President used as a family parlor.

2. Electric Christmas lights

Electric Christmas lights weren’t introduced soon after the White house was electrified. That had to wait until 1894. The president at that time was Cleveland and his daughters were mighty delighted to see a Christmas tree with electric lights for the first time in their lives.

3. Ban on real Christmas tree by Roosevelt

In 1903, President Teddy Roosevelt did not cutting down perfectly good living, breathing evergreens, and banned them at the White house. In spite of the ban, his son smuggled a tree inside the white house and hid it in his closet.

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