6 Things that All Fathers Wish for Their Daughters

6 Things that All Fathers Wish for Their Daughters

Somehow it has always been the case that boys are close to their moms, and girls are always their daddy’s princesses. Maybe it is because of the fact that men wish all sorts of amazing things for their daughters; not that they do not want good things for their sons. But when it comes to their daughters, they are the sweet marshmallow sensitive guys that they try so hard to fight! Here are some of the amazing things that all fathers wish for their daughters.

1. Safety

It is every dad’s first and foremost responsibility – ensuring his daughter’s safety, no matter how old or young his girl is. Every time she is away from him, he will worry, and try his best to ensure that his girl is safe and sound. If you would ask a dad what he wishes for, he would say that he wishes his daughter to be safe always.

2. A good career

Men love it when their daughters excel – no matter what the field. Be it dancing, singing, sports, academics – a daughter’s talents is a father’s pride. All fathers wish for their daughters to have good careers, huge and successful yet not life consuming.

3. A great life

What dad does not want his girl to have as great a life as one could have? He will do all that he can to try and make the world a tad better for his daughter. All he wishes for her is to have a wonderful life.

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