13 Great Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

13 Great Valentine's Day Party Ideas

Are you planning to throw a Valentine’s Day party on 14th February? Do you have any party ideas in mind? If not, we have come up with great Valentine’s Day party ideas just for you and your awesome Valentine’s Day party!

1. Hearts Party Idea

Get hearts of all shapes, sizes, materials and variations. You can use red and white heart shaped balloons too. The hearts can be made from paper, foam or thermocol. You can then use rose petals to cover the floor and entrance area. Get heart-shaped dollies to add to the decor!

2. Fairytale Party Idea

Have all your guests dress up as characters straight from a fairytale! For the decorations, you can have a red carpet area to welcome your guests. The red and white balloons will be a part of this theme too. Get some gold and silver glitter and paste it on card stock in fancy designs or hearts. Hang these on walls.

3. Kisses & Hugs Party Idea

To make this party interesting, tell all your guests they have to kiss or hug the first person they come across besides their partner. Decorate your house with XOXO shapes that denote kisses and hugs of course!

4. Ice Cream Souffle Party Idea

Give your guests a tantalizing and mouth watering experience this Valentine’s day by having a ice cream souffle party at your place! Have lots and lots of varieties of ice cream at your place for the guests and you can have wall hangings in the form of ice creams and ice cream cones.

5. Truth or Dare Party Idea

Remember the game you used to play as teens? Have the same version of truth or dare at your place and let all the partners watch their couples do something outrageous or reveal a secret!

6. Matchmaker Party Idea

This party idea is for all those singles out there. Who said you can’t have fun on Valentine’s Day? Throw a party and invite all your single friends and tell them to get along one single friend of theirs. Here’s a chance for them to meet their potential Valentine!

7. All In Red Party Idea

Yes, we are sure you get the idea. An all in red party idea includes that your decorations should have everything in red – balloons, confetti, glitter, wall hangings. Tell the guests to also come in red and the guys can come in black of course!

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