35 Ways to Say Hello In Different Languages

35 Ways to Say Hello In Different Languages

When you meet a friend or a relative, how do you generally greet them? Most would say ‘Hello’, others prefer to say a simple ‘Hi’. Then there are those who have different forms of greeting someone such as ‘Hey’, ‘Howdy’, ‘How is it going?’, ‘What’s up?’ and so on. These are the different ways to say hello. But what about the various languages in which you can say hello? Mentioned below are the ways to say hello in different languages.

1. Arabic (Middle East) – Marhaba

2. Armenian (Armenia) – Barev dzez

3. Basque (Spain and France) – Kaixo

4. Belarussian (Belarussia) – Dobri Dzen

5. Bengali (India) – Namoshkar

6. Bulgarian (Bulgaria) – Zdravei

7. Burmese (Burma) – Min ga la baa

8. Cantonese (China) – Nei Ho

9. Cambodian (Khmer) (Cambodia) – Joom reab suor

10. Catalan (Spain) – Hola

11. Czech (Czech Republic) – Ahoj

12. Danish (Denmark) – Goddag

13. Dutch (Netherlands) – Goedendag

14. Finnish (Finland) – Hyvää päivää / hei

15. French (France) – Bonjour

16. German (Germany) – Guten Tag

17. Greek (Greece) – Yia Sas

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