9 Ways On How to Stay Slim Through Summer?

9 Ways On How to Stay Slim Through Summer?

Summers are the time for cookouts and BBQ eating with family and friends, some partying and some drinking, and thus a time to put on those extra pounds. To add to the already existing problem of beating the scorching heat, we tend to gorge on ice creams, sodas, colas, aerated drinks, cold water etc which are all laden with high calories. Given below are few simple tricks on how to stay slim through summer.

1. Hydrate yourself wisely

To quench your thirst, just gulping about anything won’t help. Try to cut down on calorie laden colas, juices and sweet drinks. Rather stress on drinking coconut water, fresh juices, or rather plain water.

2. Take advantage of warmer weather

Now that it is not freezing outside, take advantage and burn some calories by jogging, playing volleyball, or simply by brisk walking in the early hours.

3. Satisfy your sweet tooth

Yes, you read it right! But not by consuming sweet cookies or ice creams but by consuming refrigerated fresh and exotic seasonal fruits.

4. Try taking a meal before a meal

If you are planning to go on a cookout and know that your taste buds are going to go all watery, then stuff yourself before leaving for the cookout. That way, you will land up consuming lesser calories.

5. Splash some water

Give the gym a break, go swim, do some water skiing. It will not only beat the heat, but also help you unwind, relax and shed some calories.

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