9 Reasons Why Having Kids is a Blessing

9 Reasons Why Having Kids is a Blessing

There has been a recent surge in the number of couples choosing not to become parents. With demanding careers, a busy social life, and endless things to keep them busy, having a kid seems like something that might weigh you down. We give you a number of reasons why having kids can change your life for the better.

1. A sense of responsibility

No matter how you have been living your life before you have a baby, being a mother changes it all. You have no other option to be a more responsible person; right from holding the baby in your arms for the first time to giving life lessons to your grandkids. It changes you for the good because you turn into a caring and giving adult.

2. Witnessing pure innocence

Many say watching a baby sleep is one of the purest and most innocent things that you can ever witness. It can be overwhelming. Even if you simply touch your baby’s arm or press him against your chest, you will get wonderfully positive vibrations.

3. A way for you to become a child again

You get to re-live your childhood as you see your baby grow. You will joyfully do things that used to seem stupid to you. The pillow fights, the tickles, and the silly pranks become a part of your life and give you more reasons to smile.

4. A whole new bond

You get to live a relationship unlike any other in the world, that of a mother and a child. All the joys, worries, excitement, and anxieties that come with being a mother. You will definitely be missing out on an incomparable experience if you choose not to have a child.

5. Fresh perspective on life

There are times when seeing your kid behave in a certain situation could completely change the way you look at a situation. It can be a great reminder for you of what is important in this world and what is not.

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