7 Fun Holiday Activities for Kids

Fun Holiday Activities for Kids

Your children need not get bored this holiday season. Here are 7 fun activities for your children to indulge into this holiday.

1. Board games

In the hustle bustle of everyday work life, we forget to just sit together as a family and play board games like Monopoly, Scrabble, Dictionary, Pictionary, Snap, Taboo, Hungry Hippo, etc. It gives time to bond and share interesting stories with each other. Get your old board games from the cupboard and include all family members in the game. You can play card bluffing too where you bluff the number of cards you hold of a particular number, whoever catches your bluff wins.

2. Utility artwork

Children can create their own unique bookmarks and useful items with waste material or using all the items that they have collected or found such as, old paper cups can be made into pencil stands. This is a fun and creative activity and kids will be completely engrossed in it.

3. Story writing and illustration

Kids can write their own creative fiction tale about Christmas, highlighting its significance to them. This will help them showcase their creative thoughts through words and can also make interesting illustrations for the same with a cover page and blurb.

4. Cooking and baking

Parents can involve their kids in safe cooking, like making things that they wish to eat, making mini pizzas and taking the help of kids to put the toppings themselves. Making sandwiches, chocolate faces, tree shaped cookies which you can ask them to decorate with cream and toppings.

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