10 Compliments for a Guy that He Will Never Forget

10 Compliments for a Guy that He Will Never Forget

Everyone likes to receive compliments irrespective of the gender and some compliments just stay with you and can even bring a smile to your face long after you have actually received it. Here are certain things you can compliment a guy, which will surely make his day.

1. His smile

A smile can say a lot of what is within a man. It’s basically a reflection of his inner soul. So lauding a guy’s smile rests at the very top of the list of the things a guy can be complimented on.

2. His wit

Guys like to think they are really funny, even when occasionally they are not. So a compliment on their wit can flatter the guys like nothing else. Just say, “how funny you are!” and watch his reaction.

3. His personality

There are a zillion adjectives that have been used to describe a guy’s personality ranging from magnetic and mercurial to strong and interesting. No matter which word you choose, a compliment on his personality is something a guy won’t forget in a jiffy.

4. His nature

There is a contradiction here. While the guys like being complimented on having a tough personality, they prefer compliments on their softer side as well. For instance, you can compliment a man on his understanding or comforting nature and watch him light up with a thousand watt smile.

5. His strength

Well, this is but obvious. Man is supposed to be the stronger sex and any compliment on their herculean strength can feed their ego like no other, even when it is due to a small job they have done like opening a good old jar.

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