5 Reasons Sitting All Day is Killing Your Body

Reasons Sitting All Day is Killing Your  Body

If you are sitting for the most part of the day and do not balance it out with physical activity, you are putting your health at great risk. Considering the large number of people who work at the desk and spend long hours of time seated, the medical community is becoming concerned about the ill-effects of the same. They have coined the term “sitting disease” to refer to the negative impact of a sedentary lifestyle and long hours of sitting, on the body. Check out 5 reasons why sitting all day kills your body.

1. Affects your metabolism

As soon as you sit, the electrical activity in your muscles decreases and the calorie-burning rate of your body reduces to one calorie per minute. After 5 days of a sedentary lifestyle, the LDL cholesterol (aka bad cholesterol), plasma triglycerides, and insulin resistance in the body is increased. In other words, your muscles are not absorbing the fat and your blood sugar levels have increased.

2. Leads to weight gain

After around 2 weeks of sitting for the most part, the muscles in the body begin to atrophy and the oxygen consumption drops, which lead to weight gain. This happens even if you are exercising every day.

3. Causes high cholesterol

After around a year of leading a sedentary lifestyle, you might start experiencing high cholesterol and weight gain. Women can lose up to 1% of bone mass per year by just sitting for more than 6 hours every day.

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