6 Tips to Enjoy Long Drives With Your Boyfriend

6 Tips to Enjoy Long Drives With Your Boyfriend

Going on a long drive with your boyfriend can be a fabulous way to unwind, relax and infuse some romance in your relationship. If you are planning to go on a long drive with your boyfriend, here are a few ways in which you can make it more enjoyable and memorable.

1. Carry a great collection of music with you

Long drives can be made a lot of fun when you have a mix of foot tapping, thumping and romantic music with you. Populate your iPod with a good collection of tunes which include a few slow romantic numbers and some chartbusting tracks. Add in some of your old favorites which you may associate with a good time in your life. Sing along with your boyfriend as he drives or simply lose yourself in the music as the wind tickles your hair.

2. Make an impromptu long drive plan

One of the reasons why road trips and long drives tend to become boring is too much planning. Be spontaneous once in a while and decide to go on a long drive when you least expect to. Forget about packing food or carrying a picnic mat before you go on a ride. Let things pan out by themselves, not in a premeditated way. Use this tip only when you are going for a short road trip. Longer road trips may require more planning.

3. Think about some games you can play

If you thought verbal games like 20 questions are old, you could be wrong when it comes to going on a long drive with your boyfriend. When you both are going to be together for a few hours, there can be a dearth of things to talk about. Think about some fun games that you can play with your guy to keep yourselves from getting bored.

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