7 Facts About Cleopatra – The Mysterious Queen of Egypt

7 Fact About Cleopatra-The Mysterious Queen of Egypt

Known to the world as the most seductive and mysterious queen of Egypt, Cleopatra is one woman whose life and times are the subject of curiosity for many. Unraveled below are 7 facts that will give you an insight into the person that Cleopatra was.

1. Her Origin

While everyone knows that Cleopatra was an Egyptian queen, many don’t know that she wasn’t an Egyptian. She was of Macedonian Greek origin. However, unlike other Greek rulers, she was acquainted with the Egyptian language. In fact, she had a mastery over 9 languages in total.

2. Her Lineage

Cleopatra’s full name was Cleopatra Thea Philopator VII. She was a descendant of the Ptolemic dynasty. One of her forefathers was Ptolemic I who was the Greek general during the reign of Alexander the Great. Ptolemic I became the Greek ruler after Alexander’s death. This is how Cleopatra later became a reigning queen.

3. Her Features

As opposed to the conventional perception of Cleopatra of being a beautiful and seductive queen, historians report that Cleopatra actually had an ordinary face with a hooked nose. She, apparently, had masculine features!

4. Her Appeal

Cleopatra was extremely appealing. She had a charisma and was quick-witted. She possessed the knack of persuading people to do things the way she wanted them.

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