5 Elegant Hairstyles

5 Elegant Hairstyles

Your hair is a very important part of your looks and beauty. You could either go wrong with the look or get a perfect look with a correct hairstyle. The way you keep and carry your hair could transform your look completely. Experimenting with different looks and hairstyles is fun, but you could not go wrong with easy and elegant hairstyles. Listed here are 5 elegant hairstyles. Try them out.

1. The sleek and straight look

A classy and elegant look can be achieved by keeping hair simply straight. It is very easy to straighten your hair by using a straightening iron. You just need to divide your hair into sections, clip them and begin to iron them. Before straightening it, use a heat protection product on your hair for protection. Once you are done, keep the partition of your hair the way you like it and suits your face.

2. The side sweep look

It is a very elegant hairstyle for women with a combination of wavy or curly and straight hair. It would give a feminine and graceful look. You just need to sweep your hair on one side and use any hair styling product. Start giving shape to the curls and waves that are being formed. Use pins to set and fix one side of the hair so that the hair on the other side can be left loose freely. Apply hairspray and you would get a very elegant look.

3. Pony tail with a twist

By simply adding a knot to the regular pony tail, you will be successful in achieving an elegant look. You just need to brush your hair and make it look voluminous, then sweep your hair to the side and form a ponytail. Take a thick section of your hair rotate it around the band and secure it with bobby pins. Add some hairspray and you will have an elegant and classy hairstyle.

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