7 Biggest Mistakes Guys Make while Hitting on Girls

7 Biggest Mistakes Guys Make while Hitting on Girls
Guys get it wrong on so many levels when wooing girls. Accepted, that men are from Mars and women from Venus, but even then, there are some really daft and irritating habits of men that completely put females off, and the dating game between them comes to an end. 7 of these mistakes that men make, which surely every woman must have borne the brunt of are listed here.

1. Using cheesy pickup lines

A huge mistake men do is to use pickup lines, most of which are very cheesy and corny. They make women laugh or roll their eyes in disgust, instead of driving them crazy. Pickup lines are a faux pas and are too passé to be used these days.

2. Let her do the talking

Yes, girls love to talk and they speak nineteen to a dozen but that certainly does not mean that men simply nod and pretend to be listening. Of course their pretense seems clear with their glazed eyes and instead of taking the lead, like men ought to do in couple dances, they just sit back and make girls feel awkward for the onus of making conversation falls on them.

3. Taking too long to make the first move

If a woman is interested in a man, she will surely drop hints such as shy smiles, constant eye contact, looking your way, etc. Men ought to pick up on these hints, take the cues and make the first move. Unfortunately, most men are dumb that way, and don’t know how to read non verbal communication. So they make the woman wait while they conquer their fear of approaching. By the time they do muster enough courage, the woman has obviously lost interest and moved on.

4. Bragging

Guys think speaking about their achievements and possessions will impress girls. However, this is far from the truth. Women cannot stand guys who boast and brag or even seem to be doing so. They like to ask questions and get to know the other persons good and bad traits by themselves rather than bearing conversation with a guy who seems so full of himself.

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