7 Best Excuses for Missing Work

7 Best Excuses for Missing Work

You wake up one beautiful morning and are just not in the mood to go to work. This is a situation most of us have faced at some point or the other in our lives. The first excuse we conjure up is blaming our ill health or something silly due to which we may even get caught the same or subsequent day. Contemporary managers are a lot more intelligent and can understand if you are creating an excuse or have a genuine reason to stay away from work. Learn more about the best excuses for missing work and don’t make that same mistake again. Let us explore some genuine-sounding excuses to skip work. Creativity can be used to its fullest extent here but just ensure you do not end up going overboard and too dramatic.

1. If you are in a job that demands visits to new and existing clients either on the purpose of business or goodwill; you could pull off an excuse that you have a luncheon with that bigwig or that you are going out for a game of golf with him.

2. For half a day’s absence, excuse of doctor’s appointment works well. Preferably, choose the latter half of the day to get some time to unwind from work and come back rejuvenated the next day.

3. Women can very easily pull off the excuse of cramps at anytime. But make sure you do not overuse it. The topic may be embarrassing for your male boss to challenge and a female boss will always empathize with you over it. But men, steer clear from this territory for this will turn out to be a clear failure for you.

4. If your company permits a ‘work from home’ policy, make use of it once in a while. You may have to do some calls and shoot some emails but the work day is much shortened and you save yourself travel to and from office.

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