Top 6 Reasons to not Have Kids

Top 6 Reasons to not Have Kids

Having children is a big responsibility. Starting a family can be a turning point in your life because you have to care for more people apart from your husband and yourself. Depending on your life stage and personal priorities, you should decide whether you want to have children or not. Here are a few reasons to not have kids.

1. You cannot be carefree

If you are the kind of person who loves living life on your own terms, you should seriously think before having kids. Once you have kids, you will not be able to do things whenever you want or however you want. You will have to think about your kids before doing what you feel like. You can forget about living a carefree life after you have kids.

2. You will have more financial responsibility

It is not cheap to have kids anymore. From the time you become pregnant to the time your child grows up, you will have to bear a string of expenses. When you have a child, you take on the financial responsibility of one more person in your life. If you are not in a position to bear more expenses or you want to use your spare cash for other personal reasons, having kids may not be the best idea for you.

3. You may have to make many sacrifices

Parents have to make many small and big sacrifices to ensure happiness and comfort of their children. It can be something as small as not watching movies in the theater or letting go of a vacation to pay for your child’s expenses. Unless you are ready to let go of all expectations from you own life and make sacrifices for nothing in return, you should think before having kids.

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