4 Tips to Deal With a Lazy Roommate

4 Tips to Deal With a Lazy Roommate

If living with your lazy roommate has become a pain for you, then there are many ways to deal with your roommate. Just plan some tricks to get your roommate working. It is always good to share and distribute work while living with a roommate. But, if you are doing all the work, then you need to think of some good tricks. Let us discuss some tricks for dealing with a lazy roommate.

1. Talk and assign work

Talk to your roommate and assign work well in advance. Make a list of all the chores that can be distributed. If you plan things, then you do not have to withstand the worst of a lazy roommate. Make her do half the things; this is much better than doing things alone. Make her sign off the things that have to be distributed.

2. Call your friends often

Is your roommate lying on the couch the whole day? This happens when you are alone with her. Well, if you call your friends too often, then your roommate might feel embarrassed to lie down. She can even help you when your friends come over. So, this is a great trick to make your lazy roommate work again.

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