7 Advantages of Having a Sister

7 Advantages of Having a Sister

A sister is like a ready made best friend gifted by your parents who you know will be around forever. Although most sisters share a love-hate relationship, the pros of having one, far outweighs the cons in the long run.

1. It’s like a sleepover

When you have a sister, be it younger or elder, it’s like a sleepover party almost every night, especially if you both share a room. You go to sleep talking endlessly about random stuff and unlike with your other girl friends, when you have to be a little restricted in what you speak, you can be as open as you please with your sis.

2. A God given BFF

She is your best friend forever, literally. You are stuck with her and more often than not that’s good news. You may fight and argue, get into numerous cat fights, but the bond of blood makes you stick together and love each other for life.

3. A ready helper

She may say at times that she will not help you with this or that, but her heart is soft enough to melt soon and help you out of any problem eventually. Even if it is a thing that she may have no clue about, she’s not the one to leave you in the lurch, but will get together with you to solve your problems.

4. Sharing things and gossip

The best thing about having a sister is that your wardrobe gets doubled. You both can share each other’s outfits, accessories, books and almost any other stuff. She is your shopping partner when no one else is available. Also, you can freely gossip with your sister as much as you please to without having to restrain yourself or fear of betrayal.

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