4 Family Christmas Party Games

4 Family Christmas Party Games

It is the Christmas season. Not only is it a season of warmth and happiness, but it also a season of family get together. Families and friends staying in different parts of the state or the country go and visit each other and spend time to celebrate Christmas together. Playing games in a Christmas party not only keeps you entertained but also gives you memories that you and your guests can take back home and also brings in a lot of laughs for you and your guests. Here are some games that you can play as a family this Christmas. The games can be played by both the adults and the kids and can always be changed to suit the tastes of the people.

1. Wrapping and Unwrapping the gift

You can use over sized gloves, mittens, or socks on their hands to make this game a little tough and funny to watch or make it simple by using bare hands. This game is much better when it is played in teams. Wrap a gift in a lot of boxes. Make the boxes in different sizes, preferably from small to big, so it resembles an onion when it is opened. The game begins when the first team has to wrap another gift the same way and pass it on to be unwrapped till the gift is found. The next team then tries and wrap up the gift the same as it was before. This kind of goes on for a long time, depending upon the number of boxes you add and the number of kids that play the game.

2. Help Santa find the Reindeer

This game will be definitely a hit with the small kids. Get huge stickers of reindeer or little soft toy Reindeer and hide them around the house. Make the kids Santa’s helpers by asking them to find the hidden reindeer. Those who find the stickers or the soft toys can have the same as gifts or their Christmas presents.

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