6 Ways to Make Your Periods Suck Less

6 Ways to Make Your Periods Suck Less

It is that time of the month again! As a woman, you have a lot of responsibilities in and around the house and at your work place, and so it is very important to remain comfortable during periods to get things going smoothly. Here are some tips on how to make your periods less of a hassle.

1. Be prepared for your period

Once you know about your cycle, keep pads or tampons at hand. Carry them in your bag or purse wherever you go. Mark your period date on the calendar and be prepared a few days in advance. If you get cramps every time right on the first day, see a doctor and keep your medicine also with you so that you don’t become uncomfortable at workplace or when you are out of the house.

2. Wear comfortable clothes

Unless you have to wear a uniform or have to go out for a party, wear comfortable clothes during your periods. Tight fitting clothes increase the discomfort while walking, running or even driving. It is advisable to wear exercising shorts or cycling shorts underneath skirts or trousers if you tend to get a heavy flow. It is best to wear dark colored panties and dresses if you are a working woman or a college going girl. Mothers with very small kids must wear comfortable clothes so that you can go about your day easily.

3. Eat right

Eat food that gets easily digested. An upset stomach or a heavy meal will worsen your condition. Have citrus fruits and bananas. Have plenty of water or fresh fruit juices. A glass of lemonade is equally refreshing when your flow is heavy or when you feel that you are too tired. Not only that, if you are traveling to your work place, carry some nutritious bar with you which would keep you off the fatigue.

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