6 Signs You have Changed After a Breakup

6 Signs You have Changed After a Breakup

A breakup can be a devastating affair in the life of a couple. It is natural for you to observe some changes in your own personality after you go through a split with your boyfriend. Here are a few signs that you have changed after a breakup.

1. You don’t trust anyone

It is natural to feel reluctance in trusting other people easily after going through a scathing breakup. You are likely to be extra cautious before forging every new relationship in your personal and professional life. You may also keep doubting everyone’s interests and intentions around you. If you feel that you have become an emotionally detached person as compared to before, it could be a sign that you have changed a bit.

2. You can’t connect with your life before your breakup

Although you may feel terribly upset with your boyfriend for breaking up with you, it may be alarming if you can’t connect with your previous life after your breakup. If you keep abusing yourself and regretting the steps that you took in the past believing that they led to your breakup, it means that you are undermining yourself as the person that you were. If you have started hating everything about your past, it could mean that you have changed as a person.

3. You don’t like your old hobbies and interests anymore

Were you a bookworm before being a relationship and now you hate reading? Did you love hanging out with your friends previously and now you love being by yourself? Did you love playing the guitar earlier but you hate it now just because you associate it with your relationship? If you have seen such drastic changes in your personality and behavior, it could mean that you have changed as a person because of the company of your relationship.

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